What does a genderless body look like?
Living in a world that strictly adheres to a binary understanding of gender and sex, we have no standard by which to judge gender neutral or genderless presentations. Some would argue that androgyny solves this issue because it allows for playfulness with gender. However, this ignores the systems within which androgyny was created. The pervasiveness of patriarchal and misogynist positions has led to the default designation of masculinity to anyone who may have an ambiguous gender presentation. Ultimately, manipulating and blending only two rigidly conceptualized identities leaves the realm outside this binary untouched and the question of genderlessness unanswered. Transcendental Bodies is an ongoing investigation into the space of possibilities inhabited by transgender and genderqueer people on the fringes of our current understanding of gender. Using found images of body parts divorced from the whole, I seek to create surrogate bodies to question why certain anatomical structures are given precedence in dictating the way we process and label one another.