From the beginning of recorded philosophical thought, humans have sought to distinguish themselves from animals. The majority of theories tend to lean on a single principle for categorization, as outlined by René Descartes in Discourse on Method, that, “reason along makes us men and distinguishes us from the beasts.” Humans, members of the animal kingdom, supersede their classification by way of their ability for rational thought. Animals are therefore left at a secondary level since it is claimed they lack the capacity for reason and are instead ruled by irrational urges. In the past few hundred years this notion has gone largely unquestioned by main stream philosophical thought. This two tiered hierarchy has seen an expansion to include more intermediate levels based on how much an animal resembles humanity, for example the notion of “higher apes.” However, this still leaves most other species encased in the bottom tier. My meditations seek to assert that the differentiation between humans and animals is a false construct. Tornadoes of flesh reflect the irrational emotionshumanity attempts to suppress but nevertheless deeply affect our thoughts and actions.